Attorney General Bailey announces Missourians’ Top Consumer Complaints in 2023

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced the top ten most common consumer complaints handled by his office in 2023.

“As Attorney General, I want my office to be a voice for Missouri consumers,” said Attorney General Bailey. “As we kick off National Consumer Protection Month, I want to arm Missourians with information that protects them from falling victim to scams. The Attorney General’s Office will continue fighting robocallers, shady contractors, and any others who attempt to rip off Missouri consumers.”

Advocates in the Complaint Unit of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) take reports and work to mediate complaints between consumers and businesses or individuals. When mediation efforts are unsuccessful, the AGO’s investigators will look into alleged fraud and attorneys will file lawsuits or charges when applicable.

The AGO’s Consumer Protection Division obtained $32,177,058.47 in judgments/settlements for the State of Missouri, recovered $12,653,836.14 in restitution for Missouri citizens, and handled 59,822 consumer complaints and inquiries in 2023.
The top ten consumer complaints in 2023 by industry were:

1. No-Call Complaints
The top form of complaints submitted to the AGO in 2023 was ‘No Call’ complaints. This typically deals with illegal telemarketing calls and No-Call violations.
2. Automotive
The AG’s Office received numerous complaints from consumers regarding automobiles, automotive dealers, and automotive repair shops.
3. Real Estate and Construction
Complaints involving home repair contractors were among the most common type of complaint received by the AGO.
4. Retail/Wholesale
Most of the complaints regarding retail and wholesale companies dealt with purchases made through the internet, telephone, or mail, and involved late deliveries or products that were never delivered.
5. Financial
Financial complaints typically involved foreclosures, debt collection, loan servicing, and other products, services, and practices by banks, mortgage companies, debt collectors or other financial institutions.
6. Communications/Technology/Online Services
Many of these disputes involved telephone cramming and billing practices where consumers received a bill for services that they didn’t order or were charged unauthorized fees from third parties.
7. Travel/Timeshares
These complaints typically concerned allegations of companies promising to resell timeshares and failing to do so, failing to provide deeds, charging undisclosed fees, and unexpectedly or continuously increasing various fees.
8. Solicitations/Publications/Subscriptions
These complaints generally involve the receipt of mail and phone solicitations regarding sweepstakes, lottery, and other scams.   
9. Health
Health-related complaints from consumers included billing issues regarding hospitals and doctor visits, supplemental purchases, and disputes regarding health insurance payments.
10. Professional
Many of the calls regarding professional services involved concerns with moving companies, delivery companies, towing, funeral homes/cemeteries and special events, etc.

“To report fraud or deception, visit our website at or call 800-392-8222,” said Attorney General Bailey. “My office is here to help.”