This is Brain Injury Month – Today’s Brain Injury Facts

ST. LOUIS — Brain injury can change the personality of the injured person. After a bump or blow to the head or body that may have caused a brain injury, someone you love may be more anxious, dependent, angry, shy, or even more outgoing and friendly. Despite a lack of visible injury to the head, there could be damage to the brain that causes the changes in personality.


Damage to the frontal lobe of the brain affects personality, judgment, problem solving, self-awareness, monitoring, emotions, and more traits that influence actions, responses, relationships, and behaviors. Frontal lobe damage can be undiagnosed when there are no visible signs of injury. For example, the person hits the car dashboard with no broken skin or bruising, but the brain rapidly hits the inside of the skull causing damage.


You are not alone in life with brain injury. Support, education and assistance, along with suggestions on how to adjust to your new abilities may be helpful.


A total reversal of behavioral changes after a brain injury may not be possible. Focus on modifying behaviors for the person to achieve goals, reintegrate into the community, and live a quality life with brain injury. There are several interventions available to assist with the modification of behaviors that negatively affect goal achievement, successful community reintegration, or quality of life for individuals with brain injury.


Missouri AgrAbility helps farmers and ranchers with disabilities overcome limitations so they may be successful in production agriculture.


For more information, contact the Brain Injury Association of Missouri for support, education, recreation and advocacy at or (800) 444-6443.