Ste. Genevieve aldermen consider how to take street improvement plan to voters

STE. GENEVIEVE – The Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen discussed financing/street repairs and extensions when it met for a work session following the regular meeting last Thursday evening.


More discussion is expected on which plan to go with: the one with no tax increase or the one that will increase property taxes. Either one requires an affirmative vote by the city’s voters.


A possible public forum at a future board meeting was mentioned as a possible way of presenting the program to the community.


City Administer Happy Welch said Eddie McLiney of McLiney and Company, the city’s municipal adviser told the board recently that the city could afford at $6.98 million general obligation bond without a tax increase.


McLiney also did additional computations if more streets were included in the project. He said a  $10 million general obligation bond issue would require an increase of 27 cents for each $100 assessed valuation.


On a $200,000 home, the increased cost would be about $102.


Welch pointed out the deadline for placing an item on the August ballot is in May, so the board would have to make its final decision at the April 25th meeting.


The proposed projects:


Basler Road Extension, $1,331,144.72

Subdivision Road Costs, $1,765,716.07

City Wide Road Improvements, $6.6 million, for the following streets in the construction year indicated:

            Austin (Linn to Linn) 2025

            LaRose (Linn to Linn) 2025

            Ninth Street (Market to Ridgeway) 2025

            Scott (Linn to Linn) 2025

            Audubon (Linn to Linn) 2025

            Parkwood (Highway 61 to Pointe Basse) 2025

            Eighth Street (Market to Washington) 2026

            North Fifth Street (Washington to Kohm) 2026

            Pointe Basse (Route M to Brookdale 2026

            North Sixth (Jefferson to Washington) 2026

            South Sixth (Market to end of street) 2026

            Rozier (Center to Park) 2027

            Rozier (Center to Highway 61) 2027

            Jefferson (Main to Second) 2028

            Market (Ninth to Fourth) 2028

            Walnut (Cedar to Park) 2028


Additional streets:


            St. Mary’s Road (Highway 61 to Main) 2029

            Market (Fourth to Main) 2029

            Market Group 2029

            LaHaye (Fourth to Main) 2030

            Creek (City Limits to LaHaye) 2030

            Wilder (LaHaye to Biltmore) 2030

            Little Rock Road (Riverview to Flood Gate) 2030

            Washington Group (2031)

            Jefferson Group (2032)

            Parkwood Group (2033)

            Maple Group (2034)