Mayoral proclamation to commemorate Rozier-Audubon Days

STE. GENEVIEVE – The Ste. Genevieve Museum Learning center will unveil an exciting new exhibit on the lives of Ferdinand Rozier and John James Audubon. Visitors can hear and see this fascinating story during Rozier-Audubon Days, April 12 and 13.


To commemorate the event, Mayor Brian Keim signed a special proclamation surrounded by members of the Rozier family.



Pictured first row, (l-r) Brian Kiem, Mayor of Ste. Genevieve, Cathy Rozier, Lucy Rozier, Lorraine Rozier, Debbie Rozier Todd Hunter, David Rozier, Monica Rozier, Nick Rozier, Michael Rozier, Denise Rozier Ruebsam, Diana Rozier Buchheit and Dave Ruebsam. A memorial poster of Rozier family patriarch Jim Rozier was present for the photo.  

The proclamation reads:

WHEREAS, April 12, 1806 is the day two partners, Ferdinand Rozier and John James Audubon, boarded the Polly to embark on their newly minted partnership in America; and


WHEREAS, Ferdinand Rozier remains in Ste. Genevieve his entire life building successful businesses including ventures into river transport and mining; and


WHEREAS, John James Audubon, left Ste. Genevieve after a brief six-week stay, to pursue his artistic endeavors, which became world renown; and


WHEREAS, Once partners Ferdinand Rozier and John James Audubon remain friends for life; and            

THEREFORE, I BRIAN KEIM, Mayor of the City of

Ste. Genevieve, do hereby proclaim April 12 & 13, 2024 as


A box of Audubon birds, which has been handed down through the Rozier family, will act as the exhibit’s centerpiece.

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