In Loving Memory of Patricia Naeger

Patti (Patricia Marie Sexauer Naeger, age 70, born February 8th, 1954) died of a sudden and quick heart attack on Friday evening, March 1st , 2024 in the arms of the love of her life and soul mate of 42 years, Bill Naeger.

She had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure some years ago and had been on heart medication ever since.

In recent months, she had suffered periodic mini attacks which typically lasted 5-10 seconds. These episodes allowed the couple ample opportunities to discuss and cry about their final days together. She had always made it clear to her family and doctor that when the time came, she wanted to meet her God on His terms and timing. She did not want any intervention or resuscitation.

God granted her on-going prayer request by allowing the couple to have their usual evening at home, reflecting on the day’s events and encounters. Reading from one of Patti’s journals, the two were reminiscing about one of their epic road trips when the attack that would take her came on. She was gone five minutes later.

Patti and Bill’s bond was a testament to the enduring strength of true love which was evident to all those who knew them. Her smile and energetic spirit was known throughout the town and touched so many of our lives.

As a mother, Patti’s nurturing spirit watched over the lives of her six children-Genevieve (husband Jeremy), Lewis (wife Kristen), Eddie (fiancée Amanda), Xavier, Milly, and Ollie along with her five grandchildren-Allisone, Autumn, Mia, Fiona and Abe, and great-grandchildren Heavenly and Candi. Her faith provided guidance, support, and boundless love, creating a home where prayer, music, food, and spending time outdoors were the cornerstones of family life.

Patti’s love for gardening was more than a hobby; it was a reflection of her appreciation for the simple joys of life and kept her in constant communication with her God. To see her working in her garden, one might think that her tomato plants were her second family.

Patti was a center stone of Sainte Genevieve culture. For 30+ years Patti directed the town’s children’s singing group, Les Petits Chanteurs. She and Bill were dedicated music ministers at the Sainte Genevieve Catholic Church. In 2011, the couple were presented the Ste. Gen. Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award. She was also a recipient of the City’s Community Service Award and the Governor’s Humanities Award.

She was preceded in death by her parents Raymond “Grandpa” and Millicent (McDermott) Sexauer, three sisters-Genevieve, Liz and Norine, granddaughter Allisone McClanahan, nephews Patrick Barr and Joe Stanley, and ex-husband Bob Hammack.

Patti is survived by her siblings Julia (husband Tom) Stanley, Romana (husband Sean) Hartmetz, Tom (partner Doe) Sexauer, Matt (wife Sandi) Sexauer, Hilda Sexauer (husband Dave Harper).

If you wish to help with donations for the final preparations, a Go Fund Me website is available at

Visitation and a service to celebrate Patti’s life will be held at the Sainte Genevieve Catholic Church on Saturday, March 9th, 2024. Visitation will begin at 9:00 am, followed by the funeral mass at 12:00 pm. The celebrant will be Rev. Edward Nemeth.

Patti’s final request was to be buried in a simple wooden box in a location where her body would be allowed to decompose rapidly and return to and become part of God’s green earth, which she so dearly loved. Burial will be at St. Mary Cemetery in St. Mary, MO.

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