EPA comments on cooperation in haz-mat incident

WEINGARTEN – A great example of how EPA On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs) work closely with local emergency response officials to ensure the safety of response personnel and the protection of people’s health and the environment occurred recently in Weingarten, Missouri.



EPA Region 7 OSCs Anna Dismang and Joe Krauska provided support to local emergency responders at the site of an overturned truck near Weingarten on January 30.



The truck was carrying phosphorus trichloride, an inorganic compound that is extremely reactive to air and water and could cause harm to people if exposed. Due to the nature of the compound, an evacuation zone was established at the time of the incident as a safety precaution.



The Weingarten Volunteer Fire Department led the Incident Management Team in successfully righting the overturned truck, keeping the compound fully contained in the tank. After the truck and the compound were removed from the scene, the evacuation zone was lifted and residents returned home safely.