February 1, 2024 River Region Sports Wrap

Boys Basketball

PERRYVILLE – Perryville fell to Jefferson 62-35.


The Pirates play at De Soto Friday at 7 p.m.


PERRYVILLE – St. Vincent hosts St. Pius at 7:30 p.m. Friday.


CHESTER – Chester hosts Red Bud Friday at 7:30 p.m.


STE. GENEVIEVE – At the MAAA seed meeting last evening the boys received the No. 5 seed and will play the No. 12 seed Bismarck Saturday at Potosi at 1 p.m.


Ste. Genevieve and Valle play in the MAAA Conference Tournament Saturday through February 10.


Girls Basketball

STE. GENEVIEVE – Ste. Genevieve Varsity Girls defeated Valle Catholic by a score of 39–36.


The Dragons play at South Iron tonight at 6.


Valle Catholic hosts Fredericktown tonight at 6.


At the MAAA seed meeting this evening the Ste. Genevieve girls received the No. 7 seed and will play the No. 10 seed West County at Kingston on Saturday at 2:30.


The Valle seeding was not reported.


PERRYVILLE – The Perryville Lady Pirates host De Soto tonight for Senior Night.


PERRYVILLE – St. Vincent plays at Crystal City tonight at 7.


CHESTER – Chester hosts Red Bud tonight at 7:30.



STE. GENEVIEVE – The Ste. Genevieve boys lost to Farmington 35-31, while the girls won 48-6.


Boys’ individual results:


Farmington (FARMINGT) 35.0 Ste. Genevieve (STGENEV) 31.0


106: Aiden Hahn (FARMINGT) over Blake Naeger (STGENEV) (Fall 0:52)

113: Ryan Monroe (FARMINGT) over Jace Amschler (STGENEV) (MD 14-6)

120: Brody Winters (STGENEV) over Ian  Sales (FARMINGT) (Fall 3:15)

126: Presley Johnson (FARMINGT) over Karter Worley (STGENEV) (Fall 2:50)

132: Drake  Meyer (STGENEV) over Zach Dennis (FARMINGT) (Dec 4-2)

138: Jace  Amsden (FARMINGT) over Owen Drury (STGENEV) (Dec 9-8)

144: Zeke Moreland (FARMINGT) over Bryant Schwent (STGENEV) (Dec 5-0)

150: Kyeler Aders (FARMINGT) over Owen Roth (STGENEV) (Fall 1:05)

157: Gage Gross (STGENEV) over Lane Weiss (FARMINGT) (MD 8-0)

165: Evan  Winters (STGENEV) over William Rodgers (FARMINGT) (Fall 1:59)

175: Ethan Turner (FARMINGT) over Madden  Wolk (STGENEV) (MD 13-4)

190: Dalton McBride (STGENEV) over Issac Owens (FARMINGT) (Fall 5:31)

215: Rowdy Vaugh (FARMINGT) over Gabriel Willett (STGENEV) (Dec 8-4)

285: Jacob Schweigert (STGENEV) over Logan  Earhart (FARMINGT) (Fall 5:50)


Girls’ individual results.


Ste. Genevieve @ Farmington on 01/31/2024.


Ste. Genevieve (STGENEV) 48.0 Farmington (FARMINGT) 6.0

100: Camille Melahn (STGENEV) over  (FARMINGT) (For.)

105: Double Forfeit

110: Paityn Basler (STGENEV) over Ashlyn Robinson (FARMINGT) (Fall 0:26)

115: Launa Gegg (STGENEV) over Olivia Corcoran (FARMINGT) (Fall 1:36)

120: Hollyn Zangaro (STGENEV) over Kaylee Smith (FARMINGT) (Fall 0:55)

125: Addison Geiler (STGENEV) over  (FARMINGT) (For.)

130: Maggie Price (STGENEV) over  (FARMINGT) (For.)

135: Ragan Picou (STGENEV) over  (FARMINGT) (For.)

140: Double Forfeit

145: Caraline Klump (FARMINGT) over Kacie Schemel (STGENEV) (Fall 0:36)

155: Double Forfeit

170: Anna Fischer (STGENEV) over Marrisa Wallace (FARMINGT) (Fall 5:11)

190: Double Forfeit

235: Double Forfeit


Ste. Genevieve wrestles Cape Central Wednesday.


STE. GENEVIEVE – Valle wrestles in the Lift for Life Tournament Saturday.