September 12, Women’s Connection ‘Small Hinges Move Big Doors’

FARMINGTON – The next Women’s Connections Brunch will be held Tuesday, September 12 from 9:15-11:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall of the  Farmington Presbyterian Church located at the intersection of Columbia and Cayce Streets. Reservation are due by Sept. 8.


Amy Welker (author, Amy Kvell) of Farmington is our Special Feature and will share wisdom from her book, “Small Hinges Move Big Doors”. As a life and wellness coach, she learned that people needed more joy and community in their lives and she wanted to share the routines, activities, and special moments that evolved over the years that helped her have more joy in her home. Even big, heavy doors open easily if the hinges are working. But, if hinges are broken, missing, or rusty… opening any door becomes a challenge! Hinges are small but important for moving the big things in our lives.


Do you miss feeling appreciated, seen, loved, celebrated, useful, or needed and desire more joy in your life? Come and learn how you can feel all these things again.


Our Special Speaker, Laureen (Laurie) Simmons of Marion, IL will share her life in her talk

“From Junk Yard Dirt to Princess”.  Can you imagine being abandoned at age 3; adopted at age 5 and abused until she left home by eloping with the young man who made her

laugh. She will share her journey from an unloved, insecure childhood to the discovery that life has priceless worth.


After college she married and moved to Northern IL for 40 years but returned to Marion to retire. She is the mother of a boy and a girl, has two granddaughters, a set of twin grandsons and a great granddaughter, and enjoys reading, rose gardening  and photographing nature. But her greatest joy since retiring has been helping at the Lighthouse Homeless Shelter in Marion for 8 years, having provided 400 shoeboxes of toiletries, undies, toys, and a stuffed animal to children there. She considers every child her grandchild, and prays for them daily.