Boil water advisory issued in Ste. Genevieve

STE. GENEVIEVE – The city of Ste. Genevieve has issued a 48-hour boil water advisory for the following residents on the following streets: Rozier Street, between Park and Cedar, and Cedar between Rozier Street and Cherry Street.


This will be effective until Wednesday, August 30th.

From the Missouri Department of Natural Resources:


What is a boil water advisory?

A public water system may issue a boil water advisory when there is concern that a problem with drinking water may exist, but it has not yet been confirmed. These are most commonly issued for major water main breaks or other low-pressure events where the possibility of contamination intrusion exists.


They may also be issued while waiting for the results of confirmation samples collected for bacteriological analysis, which can take up to two days plus the time required to transport samples to the laboratory.