Rural health experience with Memorial Hospital

CHESTER – James Ramette visited Memorial Hospital, June 6 through June 8, 2023 through a Rural Health Education program with AHEC (Area Health Education Centers).



James Ramette and Dr. Sangoseni in ER


This program offers students the opportunity to experience rural and underserved communities. It is a unique blend of experiencing opportunities and training on key topics to understand the rural and social determinants.


The program is located out of Rockford, Ill. but all residents in Illinois can take advantage of the Scholars program.


James was a graduate of Althoff Catholic High School in Belleville where he was a part of their Medical Explorers Program, which sparked his interest in a medical career.


Currently James is a Junior at Missouri S & T majoring in Biology and plans to continue to a Medical School to pursue one of the areas of his interest in Primary Care, Oncology or Cardiology.


Memorial Hospital Directors ensured that he was given an opportunity to get the true experience of a rural hospital so he was scheduled in his three days to shadow; Memorial Hospital’s Rural Health Clinic, Emergency Room, Surgery, and Specialty Clinics in Cardiology and Oncology.


James said, “I learned many things during my time at Memorial Hospital including, operations of a rural family physician, emergency room physician and many more.” He ended with stating, “This has been an amazing experience that has strengthened my resolve to enter the medical field.”


Memorial has hosted students in the past from the AHEC RMED (Rural Medical Education) Program and had Medical Explorers attend their Rural Health Careers Camp in Rockford. To learn more about the AHEC Program go to their website at: