Ste Genevieve aldermen discuss housing development, downtown traffic issues

STE. GENEVIEVE — The Ste. Genevieve Board of Aldermen discussed a couple of traffic issues in the downtown area last night during a work session which followed the regular meeting.


One issue raised is parking around Valle Catholic High School. The proposal eliminate some of the parking on the south side of Jefferson Street from the Valle school entrance to Third Street


The second traffic issue concerns wrong way drivers on Market and Merchant Streets between Third and Main Streets and speeding and running stop signs on Main Street. Drivers often ignore pedestrians in the cross walk in front of the Linden House. It was reported that a while back a visitor from Maine was injured when a car struck him as he walked on the sidewalk across the Valle driveway. It was also pointed that the way finding signs the city installed actually direct people to go the wrong way on the one-way streets.


The aldermen also discussed the proposed Progress Parkway subdivision project and then went into closed session to discuss it further.


In other business during the regular session, the aldermen approved the items on the consent agenda:


A street closure request from the Foundation for Restoration of Ste. Genevieve for Merchant Street from the west side of 4th Street to Memorial Cemetery, 5th Street from Market to the north side of Memorial Cemetery gate from 9:15 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Resolution 2023-29: Accepting a cost proposal for asphalt overlay testing by Cochran Engineering.


Resolution 2023-39: Appointing Ashley Huck to the Ste. Genevieve Housing Authority Board.


Resolution 2023-40: A property maintenance agreement with Kari Davison for flood buyout property.


Resolution 2023-41: A professional service agreement for a historic preservation workshop.


Old Business


Bill No. 4559: Annexation of property owned by Ste. Genevieve County School District R-II was appproved 5-0-3.The three absent aldermen were Cleghorn, Raney and Smith.


New Business


A bid of $62.83 per linear foot from Bales Concrete for the individual concrete sidewalk replacement project was approved.


A bid of $349,541 for the city hall/boardroom remodel project was approved.


A bid from Jokerst, Inc. for the water main improvement project was approved.


New Business:


Bill No. 4560: Special use permit for guest lodging at 495 Jefferson Street was given first round approval.


Bill No. 4561: Special use permit for an internally illuminated 4×10 foot sign at 600 West Market Street was given first round approval.


Bill No. 4562: A budget amendment was given first round approval.


Bill No. 4563: A 12-month lease agreement with H. and M. Goldberg for 44 Plaza Drive for temporary city offices while city hall is being remodeled was given first and second round approval with the second vote 5-0-3.


Bill No.4564: A $35,240 agreement with Vern Bauman Contracting to remove the Blain Street water tank was given first round approval.


Bill No. 4565: An agreement with Bales Concrete for $62.83 per linear foot for the sidewalk replacement project was given first round approval.


Bill No. 4566: Amending the purchase of new radios for the fire department was given first and second round approval. The second round vote was 5-0-3.


Bill No. 4567: A service agreement with Cloudpermit for the bulding department was given first and second round approval. The second vote was 5-0-3.


Bill No. 4568: Lowering the water and sewer bill penalty for late payment was given first round approval.


The meeting was shown live on SteGenTV Channel 991 and is now available on the SteGenTV You Tube Channel at