IL Freedom Caucus calls for Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias to end mask mandate for driving tests

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The IL Freedom Caucus is issuing the following statement on a Secretary of State internal policy requiring individuals taking a driving test to wear a mask.


“We recently became aware of an internal policy that allows driver’s license facilities in Illinois to require drivers to wear masks during the administration of the driving test. Upon learning of this policy, we sent a letter to Secretary Alexi Giannoulias asking him to remove the mask requirement at driver’s license facilities throughout the state.


“Illinois is no longer under an emergency declaration. Masking is not required in the vast majority of public spaces throughout the state. Most healthcare facilities have also removed their mask requirements. We urge Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias to affirm the freedom of Illinois residents to make their own healthcare decisions. Masking is voluntary in Illinois and the Secretary of State should recognize that fact by getting rid of this unnecessary mask mandate. Utilizing the services of the Secretary of State’s office should not mean having to give up the basic rights and freedoms we have everywhere else we go in Illinois. We call on Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias to stand up for the rights of our citizens and end the mask mandate at driver’s license facilities in Illinois.”


The letter the Illinois Freedom Caucus sent to Secretary Alexi Giannoulias is below as well as a letter denying a young driver an opportunity to take a driving test because she refused to wear a mask:


“Dear Secretary Alexi Giannoulias,


It has come to our attention that there is an internal policy at driver’s license facilities across the state requiring those taking a driving test to wear a mask while taking the test.


The emergency declaration in Illinois is no longer in effect. Even hospitals and clinics have removed masking requirements. There simply is no need for such a policy to exist in 2023.


Requiring drivers to wear a mask during a driving test is excessive at best and dangerous at worst. Few if any drivers will be wearing masks when they are behind the wheel of a car. Young drivers at this point in time have not worn masks during practice sessions and it is not fair to them to require them to wear a mask when they have never had to wear one prior to taking the test.


It is one thing for a Secretary of State employee to make an individual choice to wear a mask while administering a driving test, but it is quite another to require the person taking the test to wear a mask especially when there is no justifiable reason to do so.


We urge you to remove this unnecessary requirement and respect the dignity of Illinois drivers – AKA your customers. Everywhere else in Illinois people have a choice when it comes to wearing a mask. Illinois motorists should have that same choice when they seek out services from your office. Please end the mask mandate at driver’s license facilities.”