March 28, 1845: This Date in Missouri Senate History

On This Date in Missouri Senate History, the date was March 28, 1845, final day of the First Session of the 13th General Assembly.


This is a Friday. The Missouri Senate convened at 8 a.m., despite a motion to do so at seven, which was defeated the previous day and amended to eight.


The day began with signing a couple of items brought from the Missouri House of Representatives: Incorporate St. John’s lodge into the City of Hannibal and an election regulations bill. This was followed by first reading of a joint resolution relating to the penitentiary, which was then second read.


The rules were then suspended, so a vote could be taken. The final vote was 21-four, with four senators absent and six senators absent with leave. A resolution to print the session’s bills was postponed.


Lawmakers then awaited further messages from the governor and adjourned sine die.


March 28, 1845, the date marking the last day of the First Session of the 13th General Assembly, on this date in Missouri Senate History.


(Sources: Journal of the Missouri Senate)