Brain Injury Tip of the Day

Effects from brain injury may include short-term memory loss, difficulty processing information, and shortened attention span. Physical changes may include limited use of arms, legs, or hands. Brain injury-related changes can make it more difficult to farm or may keep you from farming.  However, modified equipment or alternative methods may be helpful options to support people who want to farm after a brain injury.


Learn More at the Brain Injury Association of Missouri


Additional Talking Points


Brain injury is complex since no two brain injuries are exactly the same. The effects of a brain injury vary greatly from person to person and depend on factors such as the cause, location, and severity of the injury.  Learn More.


Assistive technology and adaptive equipment are available to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of persons with disabilities. Adapted equipment, structures, product systems, or modified work practices can help individuals with brain injury stay in production farming, ranching or agribusiness. Learn More.


The Missouri Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Program provides a blended experience for farmers with 10 years or less of farming experience to learn, adapt, and grow together. Training opportunities are available. Learn More.


Brain injury changes lives. However, there are actions and behaviors you can utilize to adapt to life with a brain injury. For example, you can change your schedule to accommodate increased fatigue from brain injury; focus on simple instructions to assist with delayed comprehension and processing time; modify your home and work environment based on your new physical abilities; and know you are not alone through support and education. Learn More.


For more information, contact the Brain Injury Association of Missouri for support, education, recreation and advocacy at or (800) 444-6443.