Operation Sand is ecstatic about the state revoking NexGen’s mining permit

JEFFERSON CITY — The Missouri Mining Commission has slammed the door on a proposed silica sand mine in Ste. Genevieve.


The commission voted 4-1 to revoke a mining permit which was issued in June to NexGen Silica, so they could mine silica sand on 249 acres of mostly forested land.


Operation Sand the residents’ group who felt the project would destroy the natural landscape, contaminare the groundwater and the dust would cause breathing problems for surrounding residents is calling it a great victory.


The decision to revoke the permit was in response to a Nov. 15 recommendation by the Administrative Hearing Commission that said NexGen Silica’s application was incomplete and not forthcoming.


An official with Operation Sand posted this message on Facebook: “Operation Sand is leaving Jefferson City from the Missouri Mining Commission meeting with GREAT news!

The Mining Commission has voted to REVOKE NexGen’s land use permit.

We’ll take this victory and continue to fight to protect our town from this silica mine!”