Rick Francis Capitol Report

Celebrating Our Independence

This July 4th marks the 246th year since our nation first declared its independence from Great Britain when our founding fathers ratified our Declaration of Independence, which is one of the greatest documents ever recorded in the history of our world.


In 1776, John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, saying that the day on which the Second Continental Congress approved the language of the Declaration of Independence should be “the most memorable epoch in the history of America… and ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”


That day he meant was July 2, 1776, but it wasn’t until two days later that Congress finally approved and signed the document, which is why we mark the celebration on the 4th day of July, with all of the pomp and circumstance that our former president could have hoped for: a celebration of liberty, of freedom and joy, spanning from sea to shining sea.


As we gather together with our family and friends to celebrate with barbecues, fireworks, swimming, carnivals and parades, it’s important to remember just what this holiday means to us. Each year, we reflect on what the words “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” mean to each of us. We remember the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom, whose sacrifices have ensured and secured the way of life we treasure so dearly.


Together we dream of a better tomorrow, one where all Americans can live and prosper in ways that those who came before us could only dream of. So as we commemorate this anniversary, take the time to be with those you love, to enjoy the liberty, freedom and rights we are so blessed to have, and honor and remember those who have given so much.


May God bless you and these United States.


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Representative Rick Francis