Ste. Genevieve sales tax receipts are up

STE. GENEVIEVE — Sales tax receipts for Ste. Genevieve were up in March, and in the year to date as well.


The Missouri Department of Revenue transferred the proceeds from the city’s four sales taxes on April 6th.


The state reports Ste. Genevieve’s one percent sales tax brought in $63,727.39, which is up $5,980.28 from March of last year. That’s a 10 percent increase.


So far this calendar year, the city has received $184,708.62, which is up $9,485.19 over the first quarter of last year. That’s about a five percent increase.


Similar increases were noted in the city’s two half-cent sales taxes which are dedicated to capital improvements and mass transportation.


The city’s consolidated use tax brought in $15,883.20 in March 2022, an increase of 1,728.64 or 12.2 percent over March 2021.