Illinois GOP Governor candidate, Gary Rabine, comments on Richard Irvin’s entry into Illinois Gov race

WOODSTOCK, Illinois – Gary Rabine, candidate for Illinois Governor is issuing the following statement on Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin’s entrance in the gubernatorial race.

“I would like to welcome Aurora Mayor, Richard Irvin, to the governor’s race and to the Illinois Republican Party. After years of pulling Democratic primary ballots in years when Pat Quinn, Hillary and Joe Biden were top of the ticket, I am interested to hear what changed your mind on party affiliation. Equally compelling will be your explanation on supporting sanctuary cities and your effusive praise for Governor Pritzker. But I guess that’s what campaigns are all about.

I am a life-long, conservative Republican. I am pro-life, pro-gun and a fiscal hawk. I founded my now nationwide business in Illinois shortly after I graduated from high school.  I have supported the Republican Party, conservative candidates, and the promotion of fundamental freedoms for decades. Just last week, I was one of the lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit that successfully stopped the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate in the United States Supreme Court. I was one of the largest donors in Illinois to the Trump campaign and I have never voted in a Democratic Primary.”

Rabine, 58, is a business builder and Chairman of The Rabine Group of companies, father of four and grandfather of three. He and his wife grew up and raised their family in Lake and McHenry County, Illinois. Rabine started in the paving business shortly after graduating high school; this became the Rabine Group of companies, which today does business in all fifty states and is headquartered out of Cook County in Schaumburg.

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