Illinois Fuel and Retail Association calls on lawmakers to oppose more local gas taxes

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois residents could be paying more taxes at the pump according to newly introduced legislation that the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association is calling on lawmakers to reject.


House Bill 4424, sponsored by Representative Mike Zalewski (D-Riverside), would allow all municipalities in Illinois to impose their own local gas tax. Taxes continue to increase the high price of motor fuel in Illinois, which according to the Tax Foundation, already has the second highest gas taxes in the country.


“There is never a good time to increase the cost of gasoline for working families, but this is especially true during a period of record inflation,” said Josh Sharp, CEO of the Illinois Fuel and Retail Association. “Given what is happening nationally right now, raising taxes on motor fuel is a terrible idea. Illinois citizens are already facing a huge tax hike come July 1, 2022, when the state’s gas tax will automatically be adjusted for inflation. We strongly urge lawmakers to reject this legislation.”


“Not only will this measure increase the cost of motor fuel in Illinois beyond what it already is, but it also will create a logistical nightmare for gas stations. This ill-conceived legislation comes at the worst possible time as consumers are struggling to keep up with rising prices due to inflation and supply chain disruptions. We don’t need more gas taxes. Illinois motorists are taxed enough.”


House Bill 4424 has been filed and awaits assignment to a legislative committee.