Ashcroft calls for immediate action to fill vacant House seats

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is calling for Governor Mike Parson to issue writs of election to fill four House of Representatives seats currently vacant, with two more vacancies expected.   


In the letter to the governor, Ashcroft wrote, “Pursuant to Missouri Statute RSMo Chapter 21.110, I am calling on you to issue writs of election ‘without delay’ for these vacant seats. If the writs are issued by January 10, 2022, these elections could be held with the April 5th Municipal Election with minimal cost to the taxpayer, but substantial benefit to Missourians.”


In January 2021 Governor Parson called for a special election to fill an open house seat in District 45, “Vacancies, of course are not new to the process—I thank you for your quick response to fill that seat,” Ashcroft wrote. 


Ashcroft also stated in the letter that without a special election, these seats will remain vacant until January 2023. “Residents in the affected districts will be represented only by their state senator as lawmakers take crucial votes on spending, abortion and congressional redistricting.”  


“As a state, it is critical that we take the appropriate steps to ensure that all Missourians are fairly, justly and equitably represented at all levels of government,” Ashcroft concluded. “By calling a special election, these vacant seats can be filled and the constituents of these districts can again have full representation in the Missouri General Assembly.”