CHS honors fall senior athletes, band, dance team members

By Jim Beers, Contributing Writer

      CHESTER — Chester High School recognized 2021 fall athletes Friday October 22 at the final CHS football game of the regular season.  The YellowJackets hosted the Mt. Vernon Rams and conducted the athletic portion of the recognitions during a pre-game ceremony.  At halftime, 23 Marching YellowJackets and two CHS Dance Team members were celebrated.

During the pre-game athletic ceremony 14 senior YellowJacket Football players, three senior CHS Cross Country runners, two senior CHS Cheerleaders and two senior CHS Golf Team members were honored.


Senior Football players

CHS honored 14 senior football players on Senior Night 2021.  The event took place during pre-game festivities prior to the CHS vs Mt. Vernon game.  Pictured here are Chester’s 14 senior football payers with their patents during the ceremony.  Jim Beers Photo

The 14 senior football players included Brendan Baughman, son of Mikey and Andrea Baughman; Jordan Merideth, son of Miss Christy Otten; Jared Landeros, son of Horacio and Patricia Landeros; Aiden Kennon, son of Jeremy and Tiffany Kennon; Dylan Kelkhoff, son of Trevor and Michelle Kelkhoff; Aiden Jany, son of Jeremy and Kelly Jany; and Isaac Jany, son of Kristina and Sam Jany.       

Other senior football players include Jacob Cowell, son of Todd Cowell and Rebecca Phillips; Freddie Alvarez, son of James Alvarez and Megan Mulholland; Jerald Copple II, son of Elizabeth and Jerry Copple; Nathan Snider, son of Greg and Cindy Snider; Ethan Stumpe, son of Scott Stumpe and Jennifer Cartwright; Cooper Eggemeyer, son of Aaron and Amy Eggemeyer; and Brock Vasquez, son of Trevar and Susan Vasquez.


CHS Cross Country seniors

Yellow Jacket Cross Country runners are honored at “Senior Night 2021” prior to the start of the CHS vs Mt. Vernon football game.  Featured were Chester’s three CHS senior runners including Madi Kribs and her parents, Rodney and Tammy Kribs; Maria Nickle and her mother Rhonda Nickle; and Blake Huffman, son of Bryan Huffman and Jennifer Knott.  Jim Beers Photo

The 2021 Chester High School Cross Country Team included two Lady Jacket runners and one YellowJacket runner.  Lady Jacket runners included Madi Kribs, daughter of Rodney and Tammy Kribs; and Maria Nickle, daughter of Mrs. Rhonda Nickle.  The lone member of the Boys’ Cross Country Team is Blake Huffman, son of Bryan Huffman and Jennifer Knott.


CHS senior Cheerleaders

CHS senior cheerleaders Alex Hennrich and Hannah Blechle are recognized at Senior Night ceremonies 2021. Alex’s parents are  Parents are Darrell Hennrich and Barb Diebolt-Hennrich and Hannah’s patents are Dane and Haley Williams.  Jim Beers Photo

The CHS Cheerleading squad includes just two senior athletes, including Alex Hennrich, daughter of Darrel Hennrich and Barb Diebolt-Hennrich; and Hannah Blechle, daughter of Dane and Haley Williams.


CHS Golf Team seniors

Senior golfers at Chester High School are recognized at 2021 Senior Night festivities.  The event took place Friday October 22 at W.O. Smith Field prior to the kickoff of the CHS vs Mt. Vernon game.  Pictured are Kaden Freytag with parents Heather Sprengel and David Freytag; and Luke Miller, with parents Patrick and Amy Miller.  Jim Beers Photo

The 2021 CHS Golf Team had two senior golfers including Kaden Freytag, son of Ms. Heather Sprengel and Mr. David Freytag; and Luke Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Amy Miller.           

Prior to the presentation of the 2021 halftime show, Steve Colonel, CHS Band Director and the Chester Music Patrons recognized the 23 senior Marching YellowJacket Band members and the two CHS Dance Team members.        

The stadium announcer stated, “At this time, we would like to honor the 23 senior members of the Marching YellowJacket Band and the two senior members of the CHS Dance Team.”


Senior Marching Yellow Jacket Band members

The 23 members of the 2021 Marching YellowJackets include Abby Bollmann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brett and Shirleen Bollmann; Anna Childs, daughter of Mr. Bryan Childs and Ms. Mindy Childs; Hannah Colvis, daughter of Ms. Emily Colvis and Mr. Tom Colvis; Aaron Fitzwilliam, son of Mr. Matt Fuller and Mrs. Ashlie Cushman; Oddessy Flores, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Efrian and Zenaida Morales; Jordanna Frazer, daughter of Mr. Hatton and Mrs. Frazer-Hatton; Amaya Hannigan, daughter of Ms. Wanda Hannigan.

More senior band members include Haley Haslett, daughter of Mrs. Sherry Wilson; Salem Heins, child of Mr. Kyle Heins & Mrs. Francis Heins and Mr. Andrew Smith & Mrs. Gene Smith; Alex Hennrich, daughter of Mr. Darrel Hennrich and Ms. Barb Hennrich; Blake Huffman, son of Mr. Bryan Huffman and Mrs. Jennifer Knott; Clayton Irose, son of Mr. and Mrs. John and Laurie Irose; Lilith Lochhead, daughter of Dr. Christine Begley and Mr. Dwight Lochhead; and Luke Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Amy Miller.

Rounding out the senior band members were Megan Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Brandy Miller; Kaitlyn Pfeiffer, daughter of Mr. James Pfeiffer and Ms. Marie Pfeiffer; Kaleb Rehmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rehmer; Brayden Ridings, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mickey and Jennifer Ridings; Camille Schroeder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cole and Jenni Schroeder; Cayla Sibley, daughter of Fran and Kyle Hines; Ryan Springston, son of Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Amanda Springston; Cristen Tucker, daughter of Ms. Melinda Elam; and Jonathon Wahl, son of Son of Mr. Earl Wahl and the brother of Mrs. Brooke Stehl.


CHS Dance Team seniors

There were two senior members of the 2021 CHS Dance Team including Kylie Fortner, daughter of Mr. Fortner and Mrs. Scanlan; and Maria Nickle, daughter of Mrs. Rhonda Nickle.

Seniors met their parents mid-field and walked to center-field as they and their parents were introduced to Jacket Nation.  Each senior received balloons, flowers and other commemorative gifts as a “thank you” for their years of service to CHS. 

Steve Colonel, CHS Band Director, said, “We want to thank these young musicians and dance team members for their dedication to the Chester High School Music Department and we extend our best wishes to them for all of their future endeavors.”