Ste. Genevieve advertising in Missouri Life earns accolade

STE. GENEVIEVE – Ste. Genevieve Tourism Director Aaron Smith has announced the tourism department has been honored with an advertising award from Baxter Research, who rates ad effectiveness for Missouri Life and other publications.


Smith says Baxter Research indicated the ad had great recall with viewers.



“Not a huge award, but great to hear feedback on ad effectiveness,” Smith noted in remarks prepared for Thursday’s board of aldermen meeting.


A note from Baxter Research President & CEO Rick Schumacher accompanied the award:


“Congratulations on receiving an Advertising Excellence Award!


These certificates are granted to only a few of the highest scoring advertisements in each ad study conducted by Baxter Research Center.


This award is in recognition of outstanding overall readership in this advertisement as compared to all other advertisements in the May 2024 issues of Missouri Life.




Rick Schumacher

President & CEO

Baxter Research Center”