Missouri state rep calls for legislative action to address St Charles water contamination

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Under a new clean up proposal, the city of Saint Charles would receive no remuneration for necessary improvements to its water infrastructure following the identification of contaminants in its water supply. 


St. Charles was forced to shut down six of the city’s seven water wells due to pollutants emanating from corporate industrial activity. 


“The taxpayers of St. Charles should not have to shoulder the costs of a corporation’s mistake,” said Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R-St. Peters). “We need a long term solution that will ensure sustainable access to clean water for our city.”


Earlier this legislative session, Christofanelli filed a bill, HB 837, which would empower the state’s Attorney General to recover damages and other appropriate relief against parties that contaminate the public water supply. The bill prevents the costs of corporate mistakes from being passed onto the public.  Additionally, Rep. Christofanelli is working with Budget Chairman Cody Smith to provide an appropriation in the FY2024 Budget for improvement of water infrastructure in the City of Saint Charles.