March is Brain Injury Awareness Month: Brain Injury Fact of the Day

The annual cost of brain injury to society is more than $1 trillion in the United States. This includes medical care, rehabilitation services, loss of productivity, and changes to quality of life.


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Additional Talking Points


Brain injury comprises 25 percent of all injury-related deaths in the United States. Of the $4.2 trillion in societal costs for all injury fatalities in 2019, it is estimated that brain injury costs for medical care and rehabilitation are $81 billion, work loss costs are $17 billion, and quality of life losses are $950 billion.


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The costs to individuals and families includes changes in relationships, responsibilities, future and well-being. Rehabilitation, community supports, and adjustments to the new abilities of the injured person assist in improving quality of life after a brain injury. Learn More.


Missouri AgrAbility helps cultivate solutions for persons with disabilities to be productive in farming, ranching, and other agribusiness. Qualifying disabilities include brain injury, chronic pain, arthritis, depression, and more. Learn more:


Changes to cognitive functioning, physical abilities, perceptions, and emotions are effects of brain injury that impact the financial and emotional costs for families and society. Learn more:


For more information, contact the Brain Injury Association of Missouri for support, education, recreation and advocacy at or (800) 444-6443.