Saxony Lutheran participates Class 1 District 2 Individual Districts

JACKSON – Saxony Lutheran participated in the Class 1 District 2 Individual Districts at Potosi Saturday.

Maggie Hillin and Abby Haley (pictured above) won the championship in doubles and will move on to sectionals next week at 10 a.m. in Potosi against District 3.


They will play one match. If they win, they will advance to State.


Other results:

Ashlyn Mueller also medaled with 4th Place.

Here are the results of the Class 1 District 2 tournament at Potosi


First Round 

Emily Geen (Fr) def Grace Laramore (P) 6-3/6-3 

Gracie Lawson (P) def Reese Brogan (AV) 6-3/2-6/10-5 


Lauren Politte (NC) def Emily Geen (Fr) 6-0/6-0 

Ashlyn Mueller (SL) def Ruth Francis (AV) 3-6/6-2/10-5 

Lucy Pace (NC) def Gracie Lawson (P) 6-0/6-0 

Sydney Bell (Fr) def Crosby Millstead (SL) 6-1/6-0 


Lauren Politte (NC) def Ashlyn Mueller (SL) 6-0/6-0 

Lucy Pace (NC) def Sydney Bell (Fr) 6-0/6-0 

3rd Place 

Sydney Bell (Fr) def Ashlyn Mueller (SL) 6-4/6-0 


Lauren Politte (NC) def Lucy Pace (NC) 6-2/3-6/10-8 


  1. Lauren Politte
  2. Lucy Pace 
  3. Sydney Bell 
  4. Ashlyn Mueller 


First Round 

Madeline Coles/Lily Pursley (AV) def Danielle West/Sarinah Lewis 6-2/6-1 

Kinley Tracy/Chloe Roach (NC) def Clara Basden/Grace Lewis 6-4/4-6/10-8 


Maggie Hillin/Abby Haley (SL) def Pursley/Coles (AV) 6-1/6-1 

Lani Elder/Kya Gibson (P) def Alli Scott/Camille Skaggs (NC) 6-3/6-1 

Alyssa Glanzer/Elena Lara (AV) def Tracy/Roach (NC) 6-1/6-1 

Tori Krebs/Jessica LIttrell (P) def Evie Caruso/Addie Thomason (SL) 6-0/6-4 


Hillin/Haley (SL) def Elder/Gibson (P) 3-6/6-2/11-9 

Glanzer/Lara (AV) def Krebs/Littrell (P) 6-2/6-2 

3rd Place 

Krebs/Elder (P) def Elder/Gibson (P) 6-2/6-2 


Hillin/Haley (SL) def Glanzer/Lara (AV) 6-1/6-1 


  1. Maggie Hillin and Abby Haley
  2. Alyssa Glazner and Elena Lara
  3. Tori Krebs and Jessica Littrell 
  4. Lani Elder and Kya Gibson 

On Monday, we travel to Fredericktown for Team Districts.