Buchheit Logistics’ announces employment opportunities and new pay program. 

SCOTT CITY – Buchheit Logistics, headquartered in Scott City, Mo, recently announced its new pay program. In this time of economic uncertainty, Buchheit Logistics is showing their support to their company drivers and their independent contractors alike. Buchheit Logistics operates three fleets using hopper, dump, and van trailers.

Buchheit Logistics, headquartered in Scott City, Mo., recently announced their new pay program. In this time of economic uncertainty, Buchheit Logistics is showing their support to their company drivers and their independent contractors alike.


“We care about our drivers because they are our family. Imagine what impact the fuel prices have on your family. Passing along 100 percent of the fuel surcharge to our independent contractors is the right thing to do,” said Brad Redden, Buchheit Logistics Director of Safety and Human Resources.


Safety is a core value to the Buchheit Logistics company. That is why they have implemented a weekly Safety Bonus based on safe driving. Buchheit Logistics employs over 20 drivers who have been named by the Missouri Trucking Association as members of the Chairman’s Safe Driver Club in 2021. Drivers must have 36 continuous months of service with the same employers as of January 1 to qualify for the first year of membership in The Missouri Council of Safety Supervisors, Chairman’s Safe Driver Club. After initial membership has been earned, the driver may accrue additional credits for each consecutive year of safe driving.


Experienced company bulk drivers can now earn up to 32.5 percent of gross revenue.


“Our drivers are the power of our company. As the company evolves and grows, we are blessed to be able to give more of the gross revenue to those that make it happen every day,” said Jeff Buchheit, President of Buchheit Logistics.


The over-the-road van drivers’ pay has also increased recently. Now experienced company van drivers can earn up to 70 cents per mile over the road. “These team members are out on the road for the majority of each week. We feel it’s necessary to compensate them with higher wages and work hard to get them home most weekends,” said Redden.


Buchheit Logistics spent the time and energy to take a deep dive into their pay structure. They have implemented weekly guarantee minimum pay programs for both over-the-road and local drivers. The results of their efforts can be seen in company drivers’ new bonus programs. There is now a retention bonus for both company drivers and independent contractors. There is a driver referral bonus for referring other qualified drivers to the company. There is even a clean inspection pay bonus.


Buchheit Logistics values reliability in their team members as well as their equipment. All of their company trucks are maintained on site in their shop in Scott City. Their company trucks are 3 years old or less and are equipped with cutting edge technology. New trucks are equipped with automatic transmissions and collision mitigation. The bulk trailers have electric tarps and sonic vibrators and the hopper-bottom trailers even have remote operated automatic hopper doors. “We can’t stress safety enough with our team members. We want everyone to be safe while they work and return home safely to their families. Our equipment helps them do just that,” said Redden, who was named Missouri Trucking Association’s 2021 Safety Director of the Year.