Chester Beautification/Tourism Commission meets Thursday

CHESTER – The Chester Beautification/Tourism Commission will meet Thursday.

Chester Beautification/Tourism Commission Agenda

June 16, 2022


Pledge of Allegiance                                             

Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes-April-Donella Butler/Melissa Gross

Treasurer’s Report-Linda Rader


Public Petitions & Correspondence

  • Memorials for Marlene Seymour

Standing Committee Reports

  • Hometown Proud
  • Take Pride Award-JoAnn Simmons/Linda Rader
  • Planters-Tony West
  • Riverboat/Tour Programming-Linda Rader/Patti Carter

First boat docking on June 11 & 13

Offering additional tours

  • Tourism-Brenda Owen

Change machine for Welcome Center

Penny machine repair

Stone Cottage

Historic preservation update

Tourism data collection

Special Committee Reports

  • Riverfront Improvement-JoAnn Simmons
  • Potential green space at corner of State and Swanwick-Ray Allison/Cynthia Lawder
  • Eclipse 2024-Cynthia Lawder


Commission Function Reports         

  • Public Relations-Cynthia Lawder/Bob Lockhart
  • City Council update-Ray Allison
  • Welcome Center update -Bob Lockhart
  • Randolph County Tourism-Ronnie White


Old Business

  • Commission openings
  • Refurbish Popeye murals at gazebo park

New Business

  • Any other business that may come before the commission

Adjournment & Next meeting: Thursday, July 21 at 6:30 PM at City Hall