CHS recognizes and honors seniors at all-school assembly

By Jim Beers, Contributing Writer

   CHESTER – Chester High School hosted an all-school assembly Monday May 9, 2022 to recognize and honor every senior that will be graduating May 22 at 3 p.m.

Pictured are 75 Chester High School seniors that were recognized and honored Monday May 9 at the 2022 “Senior Signing Day” held at CHS Colbert Gymnasium.  Jim Beers Photo 


The event was titled “Senior Signing Day” and during the assembly each senior was introduced and came center stage and signed a document committing to a plan of action for their post-graduation next phase of life.


Principal Missy Meyer organized the event and served as Master of Ceremonies with Assistance from Assistant Principal Robin Barton.


Meyer said, “This event is focused on celebrating all of our seniors and their commitment to the next phase in their future.  We want EVERY CHS student to receive just as much attention and have that same felling of importance so they too can feel special about the biggest decision they will ever make. We are proud to be continuing this type of event this year!”


“This year we are proud to celebrate 75 members of the CHS Class of 2022! These student are committed to the enlisting in the armed services, attending a trade school, a college, enrolling in an apprenticeship program, or going straight into the workforce.”


Meyer added, “Today these seniors will commit and physically sign a statement of intent to Reach Higher and pursue training, education, or join the workforce beyond Chester High School.”


“This year has been quite eventful! However, whether we want discuss academics, music, sports, or theatre, Chester High School has always found a way to shine.  These students have worked hard over the past four year to achieve whatever they have for themselves.”


“So today, as you witness this event, it is our hope that you will also commit to realizing your full potential, focus on how to achieve your goals, and never give up! Today we will students from the Class of 2022!”


Note: The process for the student recognitions will be as such….as his or her name is announced, each student will walk to the center of the gymnasium, approach the signing tables, sign his or her name on the signing document, and await for every student in the category to complete the process. Photos will be taken and any scholarships earned will be announced. Following the conclusion of the category recognitions, seniors will be seated on the opposite side of the gymnasium for eventual group photos. 



(Where possible, workforce destinations are indicated)

Aaron Fitzwilliam, Jacob Copple, Avery Carpenter, Nathan Snider, Construction Supply, Tonya Endicott, William Smith, Juan Welge, Kacy Tindall, Isaac Jany, Jordan Merideth, St. Louis Fire Department, Ryan Springston, Ultra Site Welding, Blake Huffman, Ultra Site Welding, Max Allwardt, Damien Fernandez, Luis Jimenez, Alex Embrich, Conagra, and Heidy Lorenzo Mendez.



Brendan Baughman, Ranken for Electronics; Jonathon Wahl, John A. Logan College; Cayla Sibley, Beck for Practical School of Nursing; Reed Welborn, Missouri Welding Institute; Jordan Bybee, Ranken for Welding; Marcus Murphy, Ranken for Welding; Dominic Govero, Ranken for General Auto; Kayden Freytag, Southeast Lineman Training Center; Dylan Kelkhoff, Missouri Welding Institute; Jerald Copple, Plumbing (Honor: Elks Student of the Year); and Hayden Roth, Southeast Lineman Training Center.



Kailyn Absher, Illinois Army National Guard; Larissa Wright, Illinois Army National Guard; Jacob Cowell, United States Marines; Fernando Perez, United States Navy; Jared Landeros, United States Air Force; Kylie Heins, Undecided; and Gavin Cushman, United States Marines.

Pictured are seven Chester High School students who will be joining various branches of the United States Military upon graduation.  Pictured (left to right): Gavin Cushman, United States Marines; Kylie Heins, Undecided; Jared Landeros, United States Air Force; Fernando Perez, United States Navy; Jacob Cowell, United States Marines; Larissa Wright, Illinois Army National Guard; and Kailyn Absher, Illinois Army National Guard. Jim Beers Photo




Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIU-C)(4)

Lilith Lochhead, Computer Engineering; Jordanna Frazer, Psychology (Scholarship: Marion Eye Center); Kaleb Rehmer, Liberal Arts Music Program (Scholarship: Chester VFW); and Madison Dillman, Liberal Arts Music Program.


Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIU-E) (3)

Gracey Roth, Dentistry; Maria Nickle, Undecided; and Ethan Korando, Structural Engineering.


Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) (7)

Cooper Eggemeyer, Engineering (Scholarship: Chester Eagles); Kylie Fortner, Construction Engineering; Anna Childs, Nursing and Certified Midwife (Scholarships: Buena Vista National Bank, Chester VFW, Manor at Craig Farms, Jake Sharpe, and Schaffner Masonic Scholarship Foundation); Brayden Ridings, Business Management; Aiden Jany, Physical Therapy; Madison Kribs, Nursing (Award: English Award in Rhet and Comp; Scholarships: American Legion, Chester High School Alumni, Chester Masonic Lodge, Chester VFW, Chester Women’s Club, Alice and Elmer Eggemeyer, Knights of Columbus, Marion Eye Center, Pat Mulholland, Schaffner Masonic Scholarship Foundation, Koeneman Family Scholarship, American Red Cross,  Mary Katherine Mueller, and Charles and Mary C. Lindwedel; Aidan Kennon, Criminal Justice; and Luke Miller, Computer Network Administration.


Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) 10)

Kaitlyn Pfeiffer, Radiology/Ultrasound; Kylee Tucker, Basic Studies; Emily Mehrer, Basic Studies (Scholarships: Chester Chamber of Commerce and Chester Masonic Lodge); Addy Mitchell, Basic Studies; Camille Schroeder, Psychology; Alyssa Seymour, Psychology (Scholarship: Chester Women’s Club); Alex Hennrich, Veterinary Medicine; Cristen Tucker, Basic Studies; Connor Wolff, Basic Studies; and Isaac Maue, Welding.


Murray State University (3)

Jake Heck, Business; Hannah Blechle, Accounting and Business; and Hannah Colvis, Oncology Nursing.

Pictured are Hannah Colvis, Hannah Blechle and Jake Heck who will be attending Murray State University next fall to continue their educations at the college level. Colvis will pursue a degree in Oncology Nursing; Blechle will pursue a degree in Accounting and Business; and Heck will pursue a degree in Business. Jim Beers Photo


Other Universities (11)


Texas A&M at Corpus Christi: Amaya Hannigan, Marine Biology


University of Maine at Farmington: Emma Bryant, Undecided (Scholarships: Chester VFW, Thomas and Pauline Evans, Cohen Girl Scout Scholarship, American Red Cross, and Schaffner Masonic Foundation).


Iowa Wesleyan University: Oddessy Flores, Music Therapy (Scholarships: Camille Fieschi Chappius, and Rotary Club).


Jefferson College: Ashley Roberts, Vet Technician


Illinois College: Freddie Alvarez, Cyber Security


Kentucky Wesleyan College: Ethan Stumpe, Legal Studies (Scholarships: Chester Eagles, Chester Education Association, United Methodist Men Chester, and Gary A. Schwent Memorial).


Lindenwood University: Abby Bollmann, Digital Marketing and Spanish Language (Award: Elks Student of the Year; Scholarship: American Red Cross).


Rend Lake College: Brock Vasquez, Agriculture


LPN School in California: Haley Haslett, LPN


McKendree University:  Megan Miller, Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Scholarships: Rebecca Young Memorial, Schaffner Masonic Scholarship Foundation, and Randolph County Democrats).


Kaskaskia College: Ashlyn Colvis, General Studies


To conclude the event, Principal Meyer said, “I would like to end with one of my favorite graduation sayings”

Behind you are all of your memories

Before you are all of your dreams

Around you are all who love you

And Within you is all you need!

                                                So Seniors…KEEP DOING YOU!