Illinois lawmakers approve two gas tax increases, but delay the first for six months

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The CEO of the IL Fuel and Retail Association, has criticized the Illinois legislature for authorizing two gasoline tax increases for 2023 and requiring fuel retailers to post signs at their own expense.

Josh Sharp said, “By delaying, instead of simply eliminating, the annual gas tax increase for six months, the Legislature is guaranteeing two gas tax increases for next year; one in January and another in July.  That is not relief for Illinois taxpayers, that is conveniently kicking the can down the road until after an election.”

In addition to the two gas taxes now coming in 2023, the Legislature also approved legislation requiring gas stations to post a 4X8 sign on pumps to inform motorists about the six-month “suspension” of the gas tax increase that was slated for July 1st.  Gas stations will have to post the signs or face criminal penalties and fines of up to $500 per-day.

“The idea that fuel retailers would have to reach into their own pockets to tell their customers about legislation approved in Springfield and then face heavy fines if they don’t is completely absurd.

There is no Constitutional authority for the State of Illinois to make these ridiculous requirements and if the Governor signs this bill into law, we plan to challenge this requirement in court. It is not the job of our members to run free political advertising for lawmakers who want to pat themselves on the back for simply delaying a tax increase six months.

Voters need to know that the taxes Illinois imposes on a gallon of gas aren’t changing, they’re not being lowered. On July 1 when this new state budget takes effect, the motor fuel tax will remain exactly what it is today.  That’s Springfield’s definition of “relief” – taxing you more but doing it later and hoping that no one notices until after an election.”