Schimpf calls for suspension of Illinois gasoline tax

WATERLOO, Ill. – Republican candidate for governor Paul Schimpf says Pritzker should follow the lead of Maryland and Georgia in suspending the state motor fuel tax as residents are continuing to pay more at the pump. At the same time Illinoisans are hit by inflationary headwinds and higher gas prices, Schimpf says working families can scarcely afford the added burden of Pritzker’s self-imposed gas tax increases.
Schimpf also pointed to his “New Start for Illinois” plan that calls for a “No Tax On Tax” Constitutional Amendment which would prohibit governments from charging sales tax (or any percentage-based tax) on taxes and fees. “As counties and even certain municipalities and cities in Illinois have their own additional gas taxes, there is no way for residents to keep up in Illinois anymore. Suspending self-imposed gas tax increases and ending taxes on taxes will give the actual relief that has been promised to Illinoisans for decades,” Schimpf said.
Senator Schimpf says it is dishonest for Governor Pritzker to refer to the inflationary freeze on the gas tax as any meaningful form of relief, which still doesn’t take effect until July 1st. With gas prices well above $4 across the state, the inflationary freeze won’t even provide 1% savings per gallon to the consumer. Suspending the state gas tax would spare Illinoisans nearly 40 cents per gallon.
“Like most Illinoisans, I buy my own groceries and pump my own gas,” Schimpf said. “I wince just like everyone else when I push my shopping cart to the checkout lane and roll my car up to the pump. Pritzker’s paltry inflationary freeze might save us a few cents a gallon come July, but that’s not relief, that’s a rounding error for those of us who sit down at the kitchen table to balance our family budget. Real relief means suspending the state motor fuel tax until this crisis is over.”
Under Governor Pritzker, Illinoisans went from paying the tenth highest gas taxes to paying the second highest gas taxes in the nation, according to Illinois Policy. Suspending the state motor fuel tax immediately works on several levels to provide meaningful relief to Illinoisans, and it could also provide a shot in the arm to the state economy. Illinois gas stations near the state border are currently hit hardest by Pritzker’s tax increase, as consumers simply cross to neighboring states to fill their tanks. Illinois farmers, who must pay more at the pump, are forced to pass off price increases to the end user in the form of increased food prices.
“Illinois deserves a governor who will look out for the working families of this state—and Carolyn Schofield and I best represent those ready for a new start in Illinois,” Schimpf said.

About Paul Schimpf: Paul Schimpf served as a State Senator for the 58th Senate District, is a Marine Corps Veteran who serviced in Iraq, and served as the chief American attorney advisor to Iraqi prosecutors in the trial of Saddam Hussein. Paul and his family live in rural Monroe County.