MoDHSS reports county, school district COVID-19 numbers

JEFFERSON CITY — The apparent surge of COVID-19 cases in Missouri seems to be continuing as the seven day total of confirmed and probable cases was nearly 10,000 for the week ending November 18. The number of deaths was 16.

The average number of confirmed and probable cases per day was 1,426.

The vaccination rate in Missouri is 50.6 percent.

There were 36 confirmed and probable cases in Perry County for the seven days ending November 18th for a daily average of 5.

The vaccination rate in Perry County is 37.8 percent.

There were 27 confirmed and probable cases in Ste. Genevieve County for the same period, a daily average of 4.0.

The vaccination rate in Ste. Genevieve County was 43.6 percent.

The state also issues COVID-19 reports on Missouri school districts.

It said:

Ste. Genevieve County School District R-II had 1-10 new cases in the two week period ending November 3rd which was down 71 percent from the previous two week period.

Perry County School District No. 32 had 22 cases during the same two week period period, and that was up 322 percent.

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